Pilot Coating, Casting & Laminating facility

We have acquired a pilot coater oven/dryer laminator and are in the process of installing it ready for customers who are looking for development of coatings for adhesives, resins, polymer or polymer replacement formulations.  This machine will be available to hire on a day rate. It is installed in a clean laboratory area separate from… Read more »

Knife Coating system

We are in the process of fabricating a knife coating head to add to our process. This addition will offer higher coatweights than previously attainable. We will have multiple knife designs in order to offer the best options for a particular formulation. Don’t hesitate to contact should you wish to take a look over this… Read more »

Slitting facility

We have completed the purchase and installation of our own slitter.  This machine is available to our customers of coated products in order that they need not transport jumbos to outsourced slitting facilities, rather we can offer this service ourselves.

Expansion of Warehousing

Calder Coating continue to grow and in order to accommodate the demand of an ever increasing number of clients we have acquired a warehouse adjacent to our Production facility. This provides for a further 5,000f2 of secure storage space to provide safe keeping of raw materials in order to service these customers.   We now… Read more »

Coatweight Gauge

Calder Coating Ltd invest in continuous scanning coatweight/thickness monitoring:  The £75,000 investment in continuous measuring of the coating means no more or less material is applied than required. This ensures optimal product quality and performance and saves on materials. The equipment comprises a scanning near infra-red sensor that takes measurements of the coating every 0.5… Read more »